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I'm Montana, a recent college grad interested in climate stories and solutions.

After completing my coursework in Environmental Studies in 2022, I bought a one-way ticket and have been exploring the South Pacific region. Be it traveling through remote Indonesian archipelagos via spider boat, working traplines in the Southern Alps of New Zealand as part of the Predator Free 2050 initiative, sailing along the biodiverse coastlines of Western Australia in search of whales, navigating the dense metropolises of Bangkok via public transit, or building sustainable aquaculture systems at the Port of Los Angeles, each adventure brings new lessons and learnings of the countless ways that humans interact with their environments.

I've always believed that the solution(s) to climate change rely on establishing strong connections between nature and humanity. I aim to create engaging work about environmental issues and identify opportunities for collaborative and creative climate solutions. These days, that comes in the forms of written content creation, photography, and building my experience in sustainability consulting and marketing and brand development for environmental initiatives and startups.

Check out my full writing portfolio here.

Want to get in touch about a project? Contact me here.

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